Simple word with a lot of philosophy: create the new thing

Create The New Thing

Hello everyone..

its my first time to create a new blog, and share everything i want in this blog..

First of all i want to introduce my self, hallo my blog’s name is creatednewthing, for me its just a simple name to remember. But sometimes all people around me always ask me what the meaning of that word. In every single of “that” Q n A i just give a smile and giggles with them, but now i want to explain it to you through my blog.


is a simple word that suddenly emerge on my mind, after i change my old email’s name from siemalesyangemanKmales to creatednewthing. its funny when you see the phrase from the old to the new one, its seem difficult to memorize it or to write it down as an email’s name, but for me its a new era and change of me.

Creatednewthing or create the new thing is a unique, simple and have a lot of positively. why? because if you want to survive in this era you have to quick adapt of a new change in front of you before its crush you into a pieces. Sreate the new thing not always mean you must create the new thing but also give a little change from the major activity, make you feel “breathe of this world”  and balance with it.

so be grateful to be a creatednewthing


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